Publications & Talks


  • Dismantling Real-World ECC with Horizontal and Vertical Template Attacks, Margaux Dugardin, Louiza Papachristodoulou, Zakaria Najm, Lejla Batina, Jean-Luc Danger, Sylvain Guilley, COSADE 2016.
  • Residue Number System as a side channel and fault injection attack countermeasure in elliptic curve cryptography, Apostolos P. Fournaris, Louiza Papachristodoulou, Lejla Batina, Nicolas Sklavos, DTIS 2016.
  • Template attacks using classification algorithms, Elif Ozgen, Louiza Papachristodoulou, Lejla Batina, HOST 2016.
  • SPHINCS: Practical Stateless Hash-Based Signatures, Daniel J. Bernstein, Daira Hopwood, Andreas Hülsing, Tanja Lange, Ruben Niederhagen, Louiza Papachristodoulou, Michael Schneider, Peter Schwabe, Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn, EUROCRYPT 2015.
  • Online Template Attacks, Lejla Batina, Lukasz Chmielewski, Louiza Papachristodoulou, Peter Schwabe, Michael Tunstall, INDOCRYPT 2014.